OSMORA is committed to protect the privacy of our customer information. We fully support the spirit and intent of Canada's privacy legislation - The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). Although OSMORA has always had information protection policies and procedures in place, the purpose of this document is to provide our customers with information on our current policies and procedures. In particular, this document will provide information about OSMORA’s policy relating to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information. Personal information is any information that is identifiable about you, that may include information such as, but not limited to, your name, mailing or e-mail addresses, phone numbers, identification numbers, credit card numbers, and banking information. All personal information relating to our customers is maintained in strict confidence by OSMORA and is not sold, rented or leased to third parties.

Identifying Purposes

OSMORA collects personal information for a variety of purposes including processing your request for services. Personal information is used to verify, process and administer your product and service requests, maintain our commercial relationship with you, and analyze, understand and respond to your service needs. OSMORA also analyses and uses your information to better improve the products that we offer to our customers. Personal information is also used to communicate with you, for billing and provisioning purposes.

From time to time, OSMORA may outsource certain account processing, or other customer service functions to an affiliated company or a third party. In such cases, personal information will be provided to such affiliate or third party. However, OSMORA releases personal information only where that information will be maintained in confidence, based upon strict nondisclosure agreements with the third party.

OSMORA may be required to report to regulatory bodies or to present a summary of all our customer information, including your personal information, in statistical or analytical form to governmental authorities for Income or service tax purposes.

OSMORA may be forced to disclose information in response to subpoenas, court orders, or legal process, or otherwise to cooperate with law enforcement agencies or state, provincial and federal regulators.

Collection of Information

OSMORA may only collect personal information that is necessary to conduct its business.The type of personal information that is collected may include:

The customer's preferred language, first, middle initial and last name, complete address, date of birth, credit or debit card number and banking information to wire revenues from the sale of your Works.

Certain personal information may also assist OSMORA to review and make a decision about the applicant's request for service. Specific information such as a date of birth, is also necessary to properly and unmistakably identify our customers.


OSMORA retains personal information only for as long as necessary to meet regulatory or legal purposes. When personal information is no longer required, that information will be destroyed, erased, or made anonymous.


We have implemented physical, organizational, contractual and technological security measures to protect your personal information from loss or theft, unauthorized access disclosure, copying, use, or modification. Access to personal information within our computer system is available to all of our employees for the specific purpose of enabling us to properly service our customers and in connection with the purposes set out above. All employees (current and new) are required to confirm they have read and understood a confidentiality of information agreement and are regularly reminded that personal information may not be disclosed except in accordance with this policy.

Should you have any questions with respect to OSMORA’s Privacy Policy please contact «info@osmora.com».

January 2013

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