the wizard of us


Michel Labrèche


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Date de publication

13 janvier 2015





the wizard of us


SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / General


Health & personal development / Mind, Body, Spirit
Humanities / Religion & beliefs / Religion: general

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Biographie de l'auteur

About the Author

Michel Labrèche has risen to prominence in fields ranging from the law to business and public speaking. A law graduate of the Université de Montréal, he has been practising as a Québec notary (title search attorney) since 1983, specializing in real estate. He also holds a degree in biology since 1980.

Ever since his childhood, he has shown a keen interest in personal growth, exploring the often-overlooked power of the mind.

Over the past decade, he has given more than 200 lectures. He also participated in seminars, addressing such groups as investors, realtors and seniors, with attendance ranging up to 1,000 people and gave talks, showing audience how to unleash their potential. He now lives in the Laurentian Mountains and is working on a film script.

His wide-ranging curiosity has led him to analyse how each individual can bring his or her psychic possibilities to life.

His book, The Wizard of Us, shows how a powerful and highly resourceful wizard lies dormant within us, waiting to be summoned up. This applies to everyone without exception. The problem is that in most cases, our personality has been conditioned to block out this power.

How can we set free this wonderful energy and achieve our true destiny? We must deprogram short-sighted attitudes and focus on the submerged half of our consciousness. With the right approach, we can activate this hidden force and make a fresh start toward our infinity.

For some of us, this is the beginning of a new era.


Life is a journey, an experience from which we must emerge triumphing over what stops us from totally being. The only limit known to us is the one we cannot dismiss. In this book, I define mankind, our psychology and the constitution of our being (body, soul and mind). I also unveil our reality by answering the most fundamental issues which can trouble our minds:

Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going?

This lifetime analysis explains what are the causes of the degeneration of the human body provoking death, the ultimate outcome of a temporary victory of evil forces over us.

This book examines the creation of the universe since it's origin, the Big Bang, the notion of reincarnation, and finally explores paranormal phenomena. My views are but a summary of what has happened to us throughout the centuries and our destiny (to become a human-spirit), if we have the power to overcome the burden we have been encumbered with.

Finally, I describe our society in relation with the law of cycles. I speculate on possible scenarios on the end of a world (ours) and share numerous personal experiences so readers may understand their own evolution.

The first page of this book is the first step towards releasing the wizard trapped inside everyone of us.