The Wizard of Us Volume IV


Michel Labrèche


Golden Key Publishing

Date de publication

17 juillet 2018





The Wizard of Us Volume IV


PHILOSOPHY / Good & Evil
ART / History / General


The Americas / North America / USA
Australasia, Oceania & other land areas / Australasia / Australia / Northern Territory

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Biographie de l'auteur

Michel Labrèche was born in Quebec, Canada in 1958. His happy childhood empowered him to develop a sense of analysis and of creative criticism at an early age. Driven by his acute sense of curiosity, he studied Health Sciences in 1976-1977 and then studied Biology at the University of Montreal until 1979. Finally, he switched to Law School in 1979 and graduated (LLB and DDN) in 1983. Instinctively, Michel Labrèche started his own business and quickly rose to prominence and financial success in the field of Real Estate where he worked as a legal consultant in Canada (called “Title Search Attorneys” in the United States) for more than 30 years. During that period, he finished writing and publishing two sensational books, the first one in French entitled “Le Statut de la liberté” (The Status of Liberty) in 1993 and the second one in English, “The Wizard of Us” in 1994, the eBook version available since 2016.

His new career as a writer was conducive to several personal experiences related to his psychic ability to establish high levels of consciousness that prompt him on a quest for higher knowledge. In 2012, he began writing the french book “Les Pouvoirs de la Magie Sienne” that was completed in spring 2015, a work much more challenging than he initially expected. He is presently working on the English translation entitled “The Wizard of Us II’ or “The Sole Purpose” to be released in 2018 and intended for individuals on a quest for higher Knowledge. The first in a series of 22 eBooks is free and available as of early 2018. The rest of the volumes from this book collection will be available, and posted one at a time, every three months until the last volume is published.

His research constitutes a pivotal point in the development of those who want to further their own personal growth outside our limited human experience. As the saying goes “All roads lead to Rome”. Likewise, the quest for inner Knowledge that drives the human ego inevitably leads everyone to a common path to higher consciousness. The series of books are a fundamental guide that allows you to access your own consciousness, meaning your “Real consciousness”. Be advised, every time you read the book’s contents, over and over again, new information will seem to appear or surface. The day you will have completely grasped the information contained in the books, will be the day that you will have reached enlightenment and therefore live your life to the fullest. At this point, the books will have serve its purpose and any attempt to look back and read passages from the volumes will be useless.


Tables of Contents:

Objectivity - Subjectivity?

Reality vs truth!

The Myth of Plato’s Cave

The Ether vs the Physical Plane

The Theorem of God’s Perfection

The Image of God and Different Scales of Time

Multitude Truths

Religious Wars

Richard Bach, “Everything may be wrong”

The Difficulty in Remaining Objective

The Challenge of Staying Objective

The Relativity of Experience

Beauty: An absolute and a perfection of the structure

The Rose of the Little Prince (St Exupéry)

Being Able To See Only One Reality

Flying Above the Clouds

Development of the Ego, or its Artificial Creation

The Consequences of Incarnation on Earth

Experiments without Consciousness

Life in the Masculine (Yang) and Life in the Feminine (Yin)


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