Further On Up The Road


Andrew Siddle


Osmora Inc

Publication Date

January 25, 2017





Further On Up The Road


POETRY / General


Literature & literary studies / Poetry

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Author Bio

This is a book of poetry written by Andrew D Siddle. Andrew is a Property Consultant who writes contemporary poetry in his spare time. All of the poetry is drawn from either personal observations about life, about historical events, or about modern day mythology in the community. Andrew has been writing poetry since the year 1983 and the poetry is known widely through portals such as all poetry, and similar specialist poetry societies.


This is the third book in the series of poetry books written by Andrew Siddle. An inspiration from life and events going back to 1983! Plus interesting interpretations of historical and mythological events converted to poetry....and all in one book! The book consists of author's observations and introductions to each poem, photo illustrative book plates, and interesting comments or "distant ramblings" by the author!