The Unknown Fat Guy


Billy Biggs


Osmora Inc.

Publication Date

June 23, 2013





The Unknown Fat Guy


HEALTH & FITNESS / Weight Loss
HUMOR / General
HEALTH & FITNESS / Men's Health

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Author Bio

By: Billy Biggs, UFG


Hi, I’m Billy Biggs, creator of The Unknown Fat Guy and The Unknown Fat Guy’s Food and Fitness Program. Why did I create The Unknown Fat Guy you axe? (That’s “ask,” not “axe,” pay attention blubber butt). Anyway, now that I have your attention for a moment, I simply had to do this UFG thing, had to. You see, it really does “take one to know one,” and there are a lot of us UFG types out and about. I was that guy to a large extent and chances are that you are still a fat tub of shit or you wouldn’t be reading this future New York Times best seller and soon to be E-book extraordinaire and internet sensation. Even if you are not UFG fat, this right here is some funny shit and I don’t care who you are or how much you weigh (Larry the Cable Guy would approve). As an aside, if you personally know that fat bastard please let me know. The UFG needs to hang out with him for a minute. He funny.



There is one thing I know about and that is being an overweight middle-aged fat guy! The Unknown Fat Guy is not a nutritionist or dietitian and just like you, he does not have the time or the desire to learn about calories and carbs, proteins and fat grams or some dumb ass food point system. Starving yourself or going to the gym or getting a personal trainer – FORGET ABOUT IT!

The UFG approach uses the ridiculous, absurd and hilarious, like potty squats and one-armed refrigerator pulls for example, to capture your attention and re-program your fat ass, so you can finally loose the belly. The UFG's unique program is replete with useful and funny tips, tricks and advice that will help you transform both body and mind and have you laughing the whole time. Perhaps the funniest part of the UFG approach is the fact that it really works! The original UFG lost 35 pounds, for good! With the Unknown Fat Guy’s Food and Fitness Program you will break old bad habits and get into some healthy, memorable and crazy new ones!

Billy Biggs, UFG