Yoga Vashishta Crux


Munindra Misra


Osmora Inc.

Publication Date

September 3, 2017





Yoga Vashishta Crux


RELIGION / Hinduism / Sacred Writings


Asia / Indian sub-continent / India
Humanities / Religion & beliefs / Hinduism / Hindu sacred texts

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Author Bio

Munindra Misra, has the rare unique distinction of authoring numerous books/ebooks on Sanatan Dharma / Hinduism in English rhyme, providing the reader with the pleasure of easily comprehending the elusive wisdom of the ancient Hindu renowned classical writings. He was honoured with a badge and awarded ‘Top Viewed Author Award’ by Knol – A unit of knowledge of Google in 2011.


The crux of Yoga Vashishta written in English by the Author, Munindra Misra is rare and unique as this has been so written for the first time in English rhyme.

It provides an interesting view into the Vashishta Yoga, simplifies its comprehension and is indeed a goldmine fit for repeated reading and meditation.

Vashishta was, without doubt, a great visionary,

He composed in the Rigveda - verses many;

Narrated ‘Vashishta Yoga’ to Sri Ram clearly,

Knowledge - path to enlightenment and eternity;

He believed for divine aid, effort is necessary,

Believed in God and striving is obligatory;

Divine and humans, chariot’s two wheels be,

As bird’s two wings – vital for achievement truly;

As the seed, so be the tree and fruit clearly,

If the seed is good, the fruit will but good be;

Good the result of good deeds most certainly,

Bad is the result of evil deeds unquestionably;

The Divine is just as the good seed certainly,

Our effort but preparing land for sowing truly;

Knowledge, wealth, house, friends but be,

Achievable with the human efforts basically,

Since all delusion come to an end since mind ceases to be,

And all evil thoughts vanish, I rest in my own self peacefully.

- Sage Vashishta