eBook Conversion & Formatting Questions & Answers

We only publish EPUB and KINDLE formats. By providing us with a VALID EPUB file, we will convert your EPUB into a KINDLE format (FREE of charge) as well.

We offer eBook conversion and formatting services at a cost. Simply upload a WORD (doc, docx), PDF, RTF or TXT files of your ebook within your dashboard account under «Start a new ebook» and a customer service representative will send you a service proposal. DON’T WORRY, it will remain your decision to accept or reject our offer of service. There are no obligations to use our customized conversion & formatting services.

Yes, costs apply. Simply send us an email at «info@osmora.com» requesting an original eBook Cover Page and a customer service representative will contact you.

Absolutely. Just upload your digital file directly from your Dashboard account. We will also convert your EPUB to Kindle formats for FREE.

Although our ePublishing website has been designed to fast track your eBooks online, it will depend on the complexity of the digital file you will be submitting. In addition, you will have to fill out important information like Title, Author(s), book classification, etc., for every eBook you intend to sell.

First, the iBookstore at Apple and Kobo will only SELL EPUB formats, while Amazon SELL’s their own proprietary formats. Right there, you’ve got more than 76% of the eBook market in the world.

Second, given PDF files are fixed images on a screen, when you fit a book page formatted in PDF on a tablet or iPhone screen, the eBook page will end up 2 to 5 times smaller. If you enlarge the page layout from a tablet or mobile device, the whole page will magnify out of proportion to your screen size, thus making reading very unpleasant.

Consequently, our efforts will be focused on publishing your digital content on the leading eBook stores in EPUB & KINDLE formats.

eBook Distribution Questions & Answers

You must own or have been granted exclusive digital rights to publish the content you will be submitting.

No, our agreement is non-exclusive. You maintain all rights to your work and have the freedom to publish on other digital channels or with traditional print publishing companies. HOWEVER, we don’t accept any form of double distribution on the same eStores. If you have uploaded your eBook on the same distribution channels as Osmora, you will have to remove your content. Osmora will be exclusive on the following eBookstores : Apple iBookstore, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Google Play and Google Books.

Once you have signed up for an Osmora Account, you will access a Dashboard with information on sales, eBook stores, distribution channels and upload requirements for your digital files. From your account, you can manage unlimited eBooks from multiple authors/publishers as well as access to consolidated monthly sales reports of your catalog.

No. We automatically upload eBook(s) on all eStores and distribution channels described on our website (check the «FREE eBook Distribution» link for further details).

Sales are paid quarterly, based on settlement of eBookstore payments to Osmora’s account.

Quarterly payments in USD funds are wired (EFT) directly to your Bank Account. Once you access your Dashboard account, just fill out all relevant banking in the Payment Options link within your Profile.

Yes. We find it practical and economical to process payment of Royalties when the minimum amount (accumulated/consolidated NET sales worldwide) in your account, has reached $50 USD.

As a security measure, once you have entered Bank account information in the «Payment Options» section, our systems will block any future changes. Send us an email at «support@osmora.com» and someone from our Customer Service department will contact you to verify your identity and account information. Changes to your payment accounts will take effect once validated.

We’re working on it. As soon as we add new eBookstores, we will automatically upload your digital content, AT NO EXTRA COST.

Proper notification within your Dashboard Account is available to track progress & status of your eBooks.

You can promote your eBook(s) directly from your website by sharing internet links provided by Osmora (see "Promoting your eBooks" in your account). These web links will direct prospective buyers to eBookstores compatible with their operating systems, mobile devices, laptops, computers, ink-readers, eReaders and tablets.

No, eBookstores don’t recommend using Bar Codes.

Yes. Providing ISBN’s is FREE and part of our eBook Distribution services. If you have your own ISBN insert it within your eBook. In addition, Osmora will add it’s own ISBN as this serves the purpose of facilitating the day to day management of your digital content with all eBookstore channels.

If you need help determining a price value of your eBook, please consult our «Pricing Guide» in your account.

No. Osmora has already registered it’s corporate Sales Tax ID’s on each and every eBookstore. Consequently, Osmora has granted eBookstores the mandate to collect and remit Sales Taxes to the appropriate tax authorities. Remember, you will have to file your Income Tax Revenues on the sales of your eBooks, within your own country or income tax jurisdiction.

You can’t. Osmora embeds DRM protection on all eBooks published.

No. Our aggregate services require a one year agreement.