देव अर्पण


Munindra Misra


Osmora Inc.

Fecha de publicación

3 de julio de 2015





देव अर्पण


RELIGION / Hinduism / General
RELIGION / Hinduism / Sacred Writings


Asia / Indian sub-continent
Asia / South East Asia

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Biografía del autor

'Top Viewed Author'

The unique works of Munindra ‘Munnan’ Misra on sanatan dharma have the distinctions of being very rare works on Hinduism in English rhyme. His works provide the reader the pleasure of easily comprehending the illusive wisdom of the ancient Hindu renowned classical writings, initially available in Sanskrit, and helps enlighten the English reader about the Hindu culture, gods and goddesses, thinking and way of life.

He was honoured with a badge and awarded ‘Top Viewed Author Award’ by Knol – A unit of knowledge of Google in 2011.


यह अर्पण ग्यार दोहों के है जो देवों को ध्यान रखके श्री मुनीन्द्र मिश्रा कि लेखनी से अर्पित किये गए हैं।

सर्व श्री गणेश, शिव, विष्णु, कृष्णा, राम, हनुमान, वह शनि जी के कमल चरणों को अर्पित यह संग्रह प्रस्तुत है।